The United Federation of Planets

  • App Design and Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Support

An Online Community With a Lot of Tools.

Launch Date: March 2019



We needed to find font families that matched various Star Trek font families.


Incorparting LCARS colours was necessary but without white text on black background.


We had to create some LCARS-inspired images for background details. We worked with an illustrator on achievement badges.

Web Solutions

While the site needed forums, profile pages, activity pages, and more, with the shutdown of Google+, the biggest need was an app.

Community, Forums & App

We managed the largest Star Trek community on Google+ with over 75,000 members. That community needed a new home. It also needed an app with notifications system.

  • Top of the line moderating tools
  • Manual approval of new accounts
  • Achievement system
  • Personal profiles
  • Private groups and forums
  • And more

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