Disabled Kitchen and Garden

A Personal Project.

Launch Date: January 2019



Font families were chosen to reflect the personality and aesthetic of the writer.


The colours for the website were chosen to match the colours found in the garden room, with orange as a natural accent.


The posts feature a lot of original photography. The theme needed to be designed and developed in a way that would showcase those photos.

Web Solutions

A recipe builder with ability for reader to save and print. A shop with items frequently used by the writer. Easy-to-sort blog. An app to build on.

Identity, Information & App

After becoming increasingly frustrated with reviews that never mentioned benefits for the disabled, and reading countless kitchen and garden tips for the disabled written by the abled that were never useful, Disabled Kitchen and Garden was born.

Disabled Kitchen and Garden mainly focuses on the benefits and joys of the Instant Pot and AeroGardens, as well as tips and tricks to make cooking and gardening easier for a variety of disabilities.

Marketing & Social Media Strategy

SEO, paid Twitter advertising, Instagram, automatic social media sharing for evergreen content, and more. Ranking for highly competitive keyphrases.

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Reached most first six-month goals in three months.

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