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The Debut of a Local Indie Band.

Launch Date: August 2018



Catharsis had an idea of the feel they wanted to accomplish with their typography but couldn’t quite articulate it. So, we had fun experimenting until we hit it.


Catharsis had a very specific idea for colours. They wanted the colours to match their most recent album release art. Colours had to be easy to update with each release.


The homepage needed a section to showcase album and band art, images, and graphics.

Web Solutions

The technical needs were pretty standard: Embedded music player, easy-to-find download links, pages for lyrics.

Identity, Packaging & Music

Catharsis is an experimental rock group from the Cowichan Valley, BC. Our job was to capture the feeling of their debut album in the design of the website, with pretty standard development aspects.

  • Responsive and quick to load
  • Ability to stream music from homepage
  • Lyric pages for SEO
  • A place to highlight images
  • Visually reflecting the emotional feel of the album

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