Tom Lommel

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Best Face Forward.

Launch Date: May 2019



We needed to use a clean and minimalist font family that also said “hilarious and serious character actor”.


We went with a clean white and grey colour palette to allow the headshots, sizzler reel and biographies to have the biggest impact.


A lot of the theme was designed around showcasing Tom’s headshots in the best way and to make the biggest impact.

Web Solutions

What started off as a multiple page design ended up as a one-page plus gallery page to get right down to business and sell Tom as the actor to cast.

Identity, Packaging & 'Here's Tom!'

Building a website for an actor requires a different mindset. The website needs to function like an elevator pitch: You have one minute to convince the person browsing the site to contact the actor’s agent.

  • Highlight multiple character faces
  • Highlight demo reel
  • Easy to find agent contact section
  • Dedicated dynamic gallery page for the browser who sticks around after the minute is upu

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