GeekDad LLC

The Merging of Two Properties. Phase One.

Launch Date: March 2016
Developed Under: Skookum Monkey Hosting and Design



While Ken Denmead wanted to retain the font family for the body of posts, we were tasked with choosing fonts for all other elements.


Working with existing branding, the site needed two different colour schemes: One for GeekDad posts and pages, and another for GeekMom.


Being a set of blogs dedicated to parenting, posts tend to be full of images. The high-traffic merged properties needed to load quickly.

Web Solutions

Creating two distinct yet complimentary experiences for GeekDad and GeekMom posts that could be applied easily by over 50 writers.

Identity, Packaging & Merging

When folding GeekMom into GeekDad®, we had to give GeekMom a unique experience for readers in order to preserve its separate identity and branding. This was accomplished through the use of unique layouts, with one set of design styles for GeekDad® content and another set of styles for GeekMom content, including archives and author pages.

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