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SEO and Social Media.

2015 - 2016

While we would love to create new themes for everyone, of course that isn’t always what the client wants or can afford. Some customers need help with the day-to-day maintenance of their sites. Competitive Couture by Spirals Designs in one such customer.

When the owner Marsha Hickey approached us, she made it clear that she was happy with her site’s theme and layout, plus she didn’t want to switch hosting, but needed some help with website optimization, SEO, social media, some very minor CSS changes, plus miscellaneous day-to-day managing of the website, including updating plugins and WordPress.

Spirals Designs is a Victoria, B.C.-based company that designs competitive dance and figure skating outfits, and cosplay outfits. We had to come up with a cost-effective strategy to increase the website’s search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

Our SEO strategy was simple:

  1. Install a caching plugin so that Google wouldn’t penalize the website for being very slow to load;
  2. Make full use of the Yoast SEO plugin, making all pages and posts have a green light;
  3. Install Jetpack and automate sharing of new posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus;
  4. Turn on Photon within the Jetpack plugin to optimize images, decreasing page load time;
  5. Set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to help with SEO;
  6. Create a “Tips” sections to be updated twice a month with articles designed to increase SERP based on specific keywords;
  7. In 2016, create a daily “What’s Happening in the Shop” section to help drive traffic from social media to the website.

This started in November 2015. It was an on-going project, which was constantly reviewed for effectiveness and new strategies put in place as needed.

Within two months of implementing the strategy, ranking for the first selected keyword went from over 200 to 24.

We also got her shop ranking consistently within the top 10 results on Etsy.

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